Sputnik and the under the sea Fruit Loops

What would happen if your plane crashed? Over the ocean?

    Stars of the show


    My other (better) half in real life. I swear she is real and not a fish.


    He owns the whole "no pants or any clothes on a plane" fad, well he thinks it is a fad anyway. Owns two really boring pets.


    She gets chatty after a few clamtinis


    The inspiration for this comic was Tvs on planes, looking out the windows, boredom, space, exploration
    I and I’m guessing most people, get extremely bored on a plane. I can't sit for 10 - 20 hours staring at a tiny flickering screen, packed in like sardines.

    What I find more interesting is to look out the window or other people on the plane. One particularly long trip from Australia to Cuba (hell anywhere from Australia is a long way ha) I was intrigued by how glued people were to their screens. Even eating came second to the moving pixels, some barely responding with a grunt.

    Now I don't wish harm on any other person, I think if you were (un)fortunate enough to be born on this rock you are entitled to as good a go as anyone else. Anyway watching these people barely even able to utter 'thank you' to someone who is serving them food, well it annoyed me.

    That is what got me started drawing this silly comic. Shoot this damn plane out of the air, teach these ignorant people a lesson I thought at the time. I don't think they were trying to be rude, well I hope not. I think they were just so self-absorbed in there tele they forgot there manners.

    From there it just got absurd. Lack of sleep will do that to you. It all started on 1 piece of paper which I chopped up into the utterly silly comic you see above.

    But the true reason for this comic was to gain coding skills. My upcoming comic Death of the Commons will be put up online, so I need to get good at responsive design, HTML5, JavaScript and all those other nerdy things. Go on try resizing your browser. Notice how it all moves around and is still readable. Fairy dust, magic and beer made this possible haha.

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